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Melody Gracee
Mary Ellen
Zen Psychic Readings offers psychics of all metaphysical skills and tools to help you answer all your questions, whether it’s love, finances, or career, a Zen Psychic is there to help you with what you need to find peace and your spiritual Zen center.

Zen Psychic Readers are a collective of professional psychics dedicated to the practice of spiritual counseling through positive energy. Available to you are Zen Masters of the Tarot and Astrologers, Clairvoyants, and Mediums. To see all of our Zen Psychic Readers, go to our Zen Psychic Profiles page to find the Zen Psychic that's right for you.

Zen Psychics is partnered with Click4Advisor, who are the leading provider of phone advice services. Click on the Zen Psychic button located to the right of your favorite psychics name and follow the easy link! You are just seconds away from great psychic advice!

Just follow the 3 easy steps below to set up your click for advisors account! Advice is just a click away!

NEW USER Please Enter This Code ZP010 in the Method of Payment Section to Receive Your discount.

1 Click here to set up your account.
2 Choose your favorite psychic.
3 A pop-up window will appear, enter the phone number you want your Zen Psychic to call you at!
Offer applies to first time Click for Advisor customers only.

It is that easy! Answers are just a click away.

As a New Customer you will be charged $1.00 a minute on your first reading with a Zen Psychic. Please click on the Promo Links below for your introductory offer.

Minutes Price Promo Links
5 $5.00 New User
10 $10.00 New User
15 $15.00 New User
* This offer limited to first time customers only. All minutes must be applied to the first call on this introductory special or forfeited.

Once you've set up your account, you can use your login name and password to log in when you select any Zen Psychic. The Click4Advisor system makes it easy to manage your account. If you would like to check your account history, add money to your account, or perform other account management activities.

What Our Clients Are Saying About

"In a short space of time with only my name and birthdate, Stephanie shed accurate light on the nature and themes of my life - my upbringing, the present, and where I'm predisposed to head from here based on the greater good..including my own good. She quickly broke down for me my life path, natural roles I would grow to occupy, goals, skills and inclinations, and my mission in this lifetime. The numerology involved helped me to understand that we actually do live in cycles. Stephanie pointed out exactly where I am in the current cycle, and how to make the most of those cycles just by being conscious of them. Very constructive reading."

E.A. Boston

"Gracee, you are a great psychic and also a great coach! You predicted I would met my husband 'A' and marry within the year even telling me that I would meet him in the Fall of 2007. I must say THANK YOU!...It was just as you predicted. You have always been there to support me. I will be your client for years to come."
SK, L.A.


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